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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  March 27, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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>> good morning to you, it is sunday, march 27th, i'm ainsley earhart, filling in for alisyn camerota this morning. violence in syria and jordan. the question is this morning, is libya taking our attention away from the more volatile situation in the middle east? >> a group of presidential hopefuls meeting in iowa and congresswoman michelle bachman got the party started. >> are you in? are you in for 2012? are you in? are you going to make it happen? are we going to take our
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country back? >> is she in for 201? is sounds like it, but bachman was not the only potential candidate sounding off. she was a trail blazer. the first female vice-presidential nominee, breaking the glass ceiling. we celebrate geraldine ferraro on "fox & friends," which wins right now. ♪ >> hello everybody and good sunday morning, thanks for joining us, ainsley earhart in for alisyn camerota. we mentioned she was going to hang out with mickey. she had not went yesterday, but she will be. >> the camera and view. >> and alisyn said it's the first time she's taking the kids to disney world. >> god speed. >> pray for her. >> rebels have taken over one
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particular city in libya and seem to be gaining a foot hold with the help of n.a.t.o. troops founding some of the targets and thanks, but right now there's unrest in syria, jordan and some questioning whether or not even the new york times cover story, questioning whether or not syria and jordan poses a greater threat to us interests than the likes of countries like libya. >> well, look, that's going to be the criticism of the obama administration. how do they stay out of syria, when they went into libya, that's the front. the if those regimes fall they could fall into worse hands. syria killed more than 60 people in the last week. yes, if that regime falls it could actually get worse, could be a more hardline islamic front and what is happening in yemen, they could
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have a stumbling leadership if they're kicked out. >> and some could dash the hopes for a middle east peace deal and the connection with israel, the that's our ally in that region and-- >> and similar to egypt. what happened, it was unfolding in egypt and everyone saying, look, because it's the u.s. ally. mubarak was an ally. if it falls it could affect the entire region. >> that could happen in syria and also in yemen and jordan, major u.s. concerns this morning. >> and clayton mentioned in libya, it's good news, the rebels have taken ajdabiya, but now there's some on the left who are really criticizing the president for even getting involved in libya, calling this a where and unconstitutional as near as congress's dennis kucinich. >> the president exceeded his
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power and people should look at the constitution, look at article, one, section 8 and they put the war power in the hands of the congress. look at article two, that deals with the executive. there's nothing in there that gives the president the power to commit our troops to war. >> it's a gray area and studying constitutional history, very few presidents declared war. five u.s. presidents declared war and we've been in a lot more wars than that. and the white house responding. james carney, taking questions outlined by members of congress have been largely answered in a very substance way and we will continue to do that. that again from white house press secretary james carney. >> they want to make the statement that this is not a war. they have discussed this with senators and members of congress and want to say it's a humanitarian effort and they're trying to solve a humanitarian crisis, making a distinction, as you said, they're not declaring war.
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>> we're going to hear from the president, he's going to be speaking about it on monday night as well and we'll talk about it as well. >> and also, secretary gates is saying, they're asking him about the situation in libya, is saying that gaddafi's troops are taking bodies and putting them on areas where the europeans and americans have dropped their air strikes and they're putting these bodies along those areas to fake, to make it look like there are more people being killed than there really are. >> here is secretary of state robert gates talking about that. it's fascinating. >> we have trouble coming up with proof of any civilian casualties we've been responsible before. but we have intelligence of gaddafi taking the bodies he's killed and putting them at the sites of twhere we've attack.
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>> the libyans say you've been bombing and killing hundreds of civilians, but the n.a.t.o. forces and american forces have been specific, holding back, they try to be very, very sure they're not hitting any civilians at all. >> but it is interesting that this is clearly no longer just a no-fly zone. they are supporting the rebels and this is no longer keeping gaddafi's planes out of the skies and this is a lot of the things that the president will have to address when he speaks to the country tomorrow night and that speech expected to be 20, 25 minutes and how will he explain to people this is not a war. it's really no longer again just about a no-fly zone. how will he satisfy americans? >> apparently the radio address, he was kind of outlined, saying this is in our national interest and the mission, supposed to make it very clear why we're over
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there, what we're doing, how this is going to benefit american and then countless civilians, innocent men, women and children have been-- >> there's no question about that. >> absolutely. which goes back to the humanitarian effort. which someone needs to step in about that. >> maybe 100,000 lives. >> and plenty of critics, obviously, critics, he he was an anti-war candidate. yesterday in iowa, candidates were out in full force, potential candidates. michelle bachman probably stole the show and got the crowd riled up and listen to a little bit of the fervor in the room there in iowa. >> are you in? are you in for 2012? are you in? are you going to make it happen? are we going to take our country back? i agree with you, i say we do. i'm in. you're in, we will take this back in 2012! >> she said i'm in, i'm in.
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and well, you know, of course, but look by this point. we're hearing june will she be officially in. i'm in, you're in, i'm in. is he is that a candidate to say that? >> the minnesota congresswoman appears to be kicking off the campaign for about r there 2012 in iowa. that's her message resonates with tea party folks. and wavers not only businesses are applying for, but some suggest that states may be applying for and anthony weiner has that, and here is what michelle bachmann had to say. >> anthony weiner says he wanted a waiver from obama care. now, this is rich because our colleague anthony weiner says that he wrote the bill for obama care, in fact, his quote was the bill and i are one. now, if anthony weiner wants a
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waiver from obama care, i want mine, too. >> that got a lot of people fired up. the other thing that came up on saturday was social issues, we didn't play any of the sounds there, but social issues are important in iowa and will be important in determining who they select as the g.o.p. nominee. but will they be important after iowa and much more later on. >> we have the candidates there and a lot on the show yesterday. haley barbour and newt gingrich and here is a glimpse of what they had to say, take a listen. >> we don't need to rewrite the declaration of independence. we don't need to rewrite the constitution, we need to enforce the constitution of the united states of america. >> president obama was elected. american people thought as bill clinton focus the laser light on the economy and growing jobs yet the policies in the administration in every
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case have made it harder to create jobs and economics. we have risked the lives of americans, we have to have the courage to tell the truth about who is trying it kill us. it's not a random behavior. the radical islamists. >> and five months away the iowa straw poll. >> and it's hard to believe. >> i know, it feels like just yesterday another election, it's you exciting, i'm ready, too, let me tell you what else events overnight as you were sleeping. major spike in radiation levels at japan's failing nuclear complex. crews had to evacuate, of after it was ten million times higher than normal and meanwhile, scientists in the u.s. say tiny particles of radiation from japan have reached nevada, but they pose no health risks they say. a new rocket defense system
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going online in israel today. the 200 million dollar system meant to help protect southern israel from rocket and mortar attack launched by palestinian militant groups in gaza. violence in that region has been escalating the past week and just yesterday rocket fire destroyed houses in one israeli town and retail yated with an air strike and killing two and wounding three others. thousands of union supporters hit the streets of los angeles the group, led by the te teamsters included teachers and actors. and as the one in wisconsin with collective bargaining. right now the new union law there is in limbo. the wisconsin secretary of of
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state must sign it to take effect, but is refusing because there's currently a restraining order. and hollywood's funiest stars celebrated, ahe can will baldwin for best comedy, and "saturday night live." kristin wigg best tv actors and late night host david letterman first recipient of the johnny carson award for comedic excellence. >> bill murray one of the funiest alive as well and kristin wigg. >> yes. >> she always has to one up everyone. >> oh, you went to the park. >> yeah, penelope. >> penelope. >> every character she does is amazing. >> i agree. >> all right. guys, and just waking up this morning, still cold to the north and to the south yesterday, 70 in dallas at the time. and the cold front has moved
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through this area and changed conditions dramatically and that right there is the front. and severe weather overnight, five tornados across georgia yesterday, late afternoon and evening and now we still see very significant thunderstorms and just east to the atlanta area and savannah. this is we're going to need you to deal with and go to the north side, there is he' snow and dealing with the snow right now, an inch or two by the time this is done. winter not completely over just yet and head back to the west and calmer off the radar picture at least and take a look at the pictures out of california. very heavy rain over the last number of weeks has brought torrential flooding in across this community, two to three feet high water rushing over the streets and people now having to figure out how to dig out of some of this mess. the good news in california, we are he' going to see a drier week, a little rain moving off to the north and so much rain this last week, that
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we're possibly going to be dealing with some mudslides now as some of that water settles in across the area. temps for the day today looking like this. cold across areas of the north and warm across the south. some 90's across texas and nice and warm and it is there in a couple other spots. >> big news on saturday, bad news for the political world, geraldine ferraro, one of our colleagues passed away at age 75. of course the first woman ever nominated for a major party as vice-president. such a tough loss, you've heard people from all sides of the oil weighing in, everyone with resuspect and admiration and we know her well from being on the network. >> an absolute trail blazer. let's take a look back now at her life. >> i proudly accept your nomination for vice-president of the united states. >> a trail blazer in politics, geraldine ferraro made history
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as the first woman in a major party as a vice-presidential candidate. born august 26th 1935 in new brook, new york, a family of italian immigrants. two of three brothers died at an early age and tragedy struck the family when her father died of a heart abbing at only eight. >> she became a second grade teacher. while as a teacher she went to law school graduating with honors in 1960. she married after law school and decide today keep her maiden name as an honor to her mother. she became active in new york city politics and shocked being when she went for tra did you gosly rubble seat there in 1978. while serving salei terms in congss she made a represeutation
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with the democratic. and at the last democratic convention to nominate geraldine ferraro of new york to run with me for the white house. mondale would say later it was a risky move. >> i knew i was taking a chance, but i figured this might reshuffle the deck and might make a game out of it. >> initially the pick seemed to work and mondale, pulled even with ronald reagan. but an investigation into ferraro's husband, when the election was over reagan won in a landslide. representing the u.s. at international conference, and ran for senate twice and lost.
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>> i was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. >> she was an advocate, and research, refusing to give in to cancer, ferraro worked on hillary clinton's failed presidential bid in 2008 and voluntarily resigned after being accused of making allegedly racist remarks to a newspaper about that candidate, barack obama. she said wouldn't have been successful if he were white or a woman and obama later saying she wasn't a racist, but ferraro was cloorl upset. >> i feel very bad for people who thought i was a racist. i really do. this has been the worst three weeks of my life. >> when sarah palin was chosen as john mccain's running mate, she thought was wonderful, saying she didn't want to be the only one. they met in person on election night in 2010. >> the opportunity that i and other women fog you have been able to see, it's been
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wonderful, it's been great for our nation. >> geraldine ferraro is survived by her husband, three children and grandchildren. she broke the barrier for women in politics and inspiration not just to women, but to all americans. i'm eric shawn, fox news new york. >> we will remember her, geraldine ferraro, a celebration of life will air tonight 10 p.m. hosted by gretta van susteren. you have to watch that right here on the fox news channel. >> you know, and always nice no matter who she met here at fox, the interns, anchors, always respectful. >> paved the way for women in our country, we'll always be grateful. >> president obama ready to address the nation, with critics on both sides of the aisle hammering him. what does he need to say? fair and balanced debate. >> a ven an a group of workers
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>> now some quick headlines for you. a wildfire burning near a military base, now about 70%
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contained this morning and the flames burned 14 square miles near camp le jeune in north carolina. investigators aren't sure what started that fire. and call them the lucky 7. 7 new york state government workers are the winners of this week's 319 million dollars mega millions lottery. reportedly brought it from a convenience store in albany. after taxes they'll each get about 19 million dollars. would that be enough for you, clayton? >> no, i need a little bit more. >> i buy a lot of dvd's. >> president obama getting a lot of credit for overtaking libya without congress approval. on a humanitarian mission. >> make no mistake, because we acted quickly a humanitarian disaster has been avoided and the lives of countless innocent men, women and children have been saved. >> will we hear more in the
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speech tomorrow or answer the question that many people are finally asking, are we at war? >> and the hosts of role call are here this morning. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> let me start with you, the president of course has been accused of ditherring on the right and lay to the party in making the decision here. can on monday night he'll counter some of that criticism and how can he do that? >> if he can counter it, he can quantify what he's saying, if he needs to layout exactly how the lives were saved. he he needs to, you know, they've said things like we have on steroids, you know, means hundreds of thousands of people being killed so they need to explain how they know that hundreds of thousands of people were going to be killed and what our actions did to prevent that. >> and robert, and said anytime the president gives one of the speeches it seems to help him. what can he say on monday night?
6:25 am
there seems to be confusion among the american public whether or not we want to be in this, whether or not they support this conflict. what does the president need to say to alleviate some of those fears? >> well, clayton, i think you alluded to it a few seconds ago and said, it's kind of crushed some fears out there. what the president needs to do is clarify exactly why we're doing this number one, but also, number two, he needs to paint a story, if you will, as to why this is so important. when you take a look at liberty from a military and strategic standpoint. there is no military or strategic standpoint. there could be a humanitarian with this, but the president needs to do a few things. to rica clarify and secondly, take control. a lot of the criticism is that the republicans and democrats, they've got the president has not seemed in control of of his story and flies over to south america and sends conflicting things from the state department and the defense department.
6:26 am
if in fact on monday, he says the who, what, where and why, perhaps the american people can rally behind him. >> kristin, why now? shouldn't he have done this a few weeks ago? >> well, i always felt that he he should have, you know, the day that he decided to do this he should have given us the speech from the oval announcing. announcing what the mission was, what we were doing, how long it was going to last, be very clear, how it was going to be paid for. he didn't do it and now i think he's felt the pressure that people want him to come out and identify what's going on here. he's responding to that and probably feels now that maybe he has good news to report. you know, he can make some claims that things are going the way they would would hope they would go and handed off to n.a.t.o. >> some information on the ground perhaps we haven't reported yet. robert, the final word. what does he need to say. >> again, why we're there.
6:27 am
look, when an american life is in danger and american men and women wear our uniforms, it deserves a presidential response and he needs to clarify exactly what we're doing and exactly what we're leaving. >> all right. robert, kirsten, thank you for walking up raul early. >> a snow boarder gets buried by an avalanche and literally has to dig himself out. she was a trail blazer and knocked down doors for women in politics. a colleague and neighbor of geraldine ferraro also celebrates her life.
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